Keith Cooper  (Overcast Off)

Born in Phoenix, AZ, a gemini, Cooper’s first love was lawn sprinklers. At the age of 6 he assembled his first above ground sprinkler system with pvc pipe, strong smelling waterproof glue, Toro© brand sprinklers and possibly a little help from his father. Changing light bulbs was also an early hobby. He was punished more than once for flicking bulbs within his reach, trying to burn them out. Happily by adolescence music had mostly replaced this destructive habit. Jeremiah Green’s drumming on early Modest Mouse records inspired him to get behind a kit. Being too scared to stand up on stage and read his poetry by itself inspired him to start songwriting. He played in Tucson, AZ based post punk band Overcast Off from 2009 -2012 while attending the University of Arizona. Then, to avoid a dead end job, he moved across the country to Somerville, MA where he learned how to make lattes and have 30 second conversations with no awkward pauses. Hosting a weekly music night at his cafe for 5 years made him a familiar face in the local music community. He released You Didn’t Know Me, a lyrically driven indie rock record, in 2016. A completely DIY local release, no effort was made to promote the record beyond friends and hometown fans.  Rabid Underdogs will be his second full length record and it finds Cooper widening his ambitions. Recorded over a 2 year period of short sessions at the Soul Shop in Medford, MA, and produced by Elio DeLuca (Titus Andronicus), it was funded entirely by slinging coffee.